Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Literacy Center Ideas

Free Book for New Teachers
At the bottom of this page, the teacher has a link that says free eBook. It is to help out new teachers that need ideas to help setup the classroom. You type in your email and name and she will send you something to download. She sends out free newsletters for teachers as well. She also has a place where you can type in your own ideas for literacy centers. This is a good website because teachers can work off of each others ideas and make them better. She also has some good guidelines to follow when thinking about literacy centers. First she says to make them so the children do not have to have constant supervision. Second, make sure it does not require maintenance, like revamping every week or month. Third, make sure it meets the needs of many students. It has many other guidelines you can check out on this website. She has lots of centers on her website, not just ones about literacy but all kinds. All the centers have some kind of literacy in them though. She has lots of good tips on how to set the centers up and how to keep the children’s behavior under control while they are in centers.

Other Good Resource for New Teachers
The other website that I looked at was a good one too. She showed how she set up her classroom for literacy centers and gives you resources you can print off or website links that have good information as well. She shows picture of the children working in their centers. She has a lot of really good ideas for literacy centers and I love that she shows everything she uses in the classroom. This way I know that what she uses works for her class and most likely will work in my future classroom. This website also has feedback from other teachers about what did work or what they changed to make it better in their classroom. The teachers work together to build a stronger classroom. This teacher has direct links to websites that tell you what materials you need for the centers and the directions for the centers. She has many kinds of centers as well. Not all of them are literacy but everything has literacy incorporated into it. I love this website because it has so many good resources and she is very organized with her information. I added both of these websites to my favorites.

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