Monday, October 12, 2009

Literacy Center Ideas (Leanne)

While searching for literacy center ideas, I noticed that many teachers have been attempting to incorporate such station areas. Many had great advice and/or stories for their successes. A particular site I found to be interesting was:

This site gave many examples of games and activities to be included in a literacy center. These ranged from book selections and wall decorations to specific worksheets and materials. Overall, this site showed the need to interaction with listening, reading, and writing for literacy. Students have exposure to learning skills like syllable recognition and handwriting. They also have the chance to enjoy learning these skills by using interactive games and manipulatives. This site shows a great variety of activities and interactions so that teachers can pick and choose what would be appropriate for individual classes.
Another website I found was very similar in its suggestions:

This site gave very specific ideas about incorporating literacy in the classroom. I liked how many of these ideas focused on using the room. Two activities I liked were "write the room" and "read the room". Both of these use the literacy around the room (posters, books...) and the students either read or write what they find. This shows the importance and relevance of literacy. When students can recognize the functions of reading and writing, they will hopefully become more excited about learning it.

Both of these sites gave many great ideas about how to use a literacy center. Ideas included both reading and writing, which shows just how much these two are linked. Students can see the functions of literacy by engaging in many of the activities. Also, since many of the suggestions are so interactive, I can see how students would be very motivated and excited to be involved.

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  1. I didn't come across the same sites as you but I found the ones that I visited helpful as well in seeing how to use literacy centers in my future classroom. The ideas on the websites were very similar to ideas within the text so seeing again how different ideas could be used in different settings helped me to see how to use them as well. I also think that students will find the centers very helpful and can be motivated and want to learn.