Saturday, October 10, 2009

Molly Paraschak's Literacy Center

The first site that I came across when I typed in Literacy Center Ideas in Google was, This was a very informative website it gave many different centers that you could incorpoarte into your classroom. This website gave a brief description on the different techniques and even provided a picture along with the description. I really enjoyed this website, because it gave so many different creative examples that you as a teacher can use. Each description explains exactly what the activity is for and how you conduct the activity. This site is a very good reference to have, and I will use some of these activities in my classroom. Another website that I found that was also very informing was This website is a good website, because it starts off by explaining why this particular site is important for literacy centers. This website also divides into groups for guided readings and different stations that the students can do. This website shows the literacy centers and the materials that each station requires. This is a good website to use, because it also has very descriptive ways that you can incorporate literacy centers into your classroom. My favorite station that was described in this website is the magnetic board where children use magentic letters to play games and make words. I think this activity is good, because it is a hands on activity and the children are required to use their motor skills and also use their brain. Both websites have excellent ways that we as educators should refer back to when we are in a classroom and we need to make literacy centers.

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  1. magnetic boards can be fun and useful, but as nick said, possibly expensive. However, because i'm always buying secondhand items, I see a baggie here or a cookie sheet there which would make this kind of thing really affordable. Although i liked his activity where you cut out the letters from paper, a center where the teacher isn't always there to guide may be more suited for magnetic letters.