Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sarah Spitz's Reading Importance

This blog really got me thinking about how I read and what I do when I am reading. I guess it is true that as I read, I determine what is important and what is not in the text. How I do this, I am not sure. I realize that I must filter in and out all the information that is coming from the text. I think that I can determine what is important by the context of what I am reading. I know that whatever the main subject of the reading is, that the lines that relate directly to that are what are the most important.

I do think that I have internal conversations with myself while I am reading. These internal conversations are what help me process all of the information I am getting from the text. The conversations that I have with myself help me to understand and get meaning from what I am reading. It is almost as if I am studying the pages so that I comprehend the messages the text is trying to relay.

I think that having internal conversations with myself and determining what is important in the reading comes naturally from years of practice with reading. I think that the more you read and the better you understand the process of reading, the better you get at determining what is important and what is not when you read.

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  1. I definitely thought it was hard to think about how I read too! I totally agree with your statement about the more one reads, the better the person will understand the process of reading and determining what is and is not important. Very well thought out blog Sarah! I really enjoyed reading your post!