Sunday, October 11, 2009

Natalie DiSalvo! Literacy Centers

I am usually horrible with researching and using the internet to look things up, but I think I did find some useful sites that I thought would beneficial for future teachers such as myself. The first one that I came across was This site had several examples for each type of center they had to choose from. For example, there were tabs for literacy center management, language arts centers, independent reading centers, and much more. For each type of center, there were descriptions along with photographs so teachers could have a better understanding of what one could do for their own classroom. The website also had various links that related to each tab if one needed more resources or wanted more examples/ideas. I think my favorite part of the site was the literacy center overview ideas. It was a link one could click on that had all the major points of each center. It was a great idea to have since a teacher could glance at the section she was interested in and quickly know what to do if needed as a last minute decision. Here is the site for the overview:

The other literacy center website that I found was This website had videos and links to click on to view their version of literacy centers. I really liked how this site made sure that teachers remember to keep in mind that literacy centers should engage the students and be fun for them. If the literacy center is done correctly, the students will want to go and enjoy the center along with learning as well. This site had various links to further understand different types of centers just as the previous website did. His site also mentions multiple games and activities to have within each center. For example, the site talked about Heidi Songs Center which was a way for students to sing in order to remember and learn sight words.

As a teacher, both of these sites would be useful. They give all sorts of ways to incorporate literacy centers in a classroom along with various pictures, activities, and other things to help enhance the center. They also have other ways to incorporate centers into other subjects. For example, science centers. They mention ways to use literacy to build science skills. These, along with other sites as well, would help teachers make their learning centers fun and engaging, along with being very beneficial.

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  1. It looks like the centers on the second website you posted have a lot of variation. I think the centers invovling music would be really beneficial for some students.