Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When I begin reading passages from a book or story I first look at any pictures that are on the page. For a couple of reasons one to give me an idea of what this section might be about or two because I like pictures . If there are no pictures on the page I start reading the section. I then read one paragraph of information at a time if the story is not in paragraphs then I stop at a section where I think the information is telling me new ideas. After I have read the one paragraph I go back and think about what the paragraph was about. Is there anything in particular that is important to me? Do I understand everything in this section? If I don’t I go back and make sure I read over everything again that has to do with this topic to see if I missed something. Then I continue to read on doing the same thing every time. After each chapter or when I am done reading I think to myself what was the main purpose of this section. Do I have any questions? If so, what are they? Then I try and go back and see if I missed something on the information that I don’t understand. If I can’t find anything then I will write it down so I can find out the answer to it. I have a lot of internal conversation with myself when I read, not only to help me understand what I am reading but also to help me stay focused on the task at hand. Usually the text that is important for the students to know is what the main ideas where in the section that they read. That’s why I try and find the importance of each paragraph so I can come to a better conclusion of what information is the most important to me as a reader.

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