Monday, October 12, 2009

Joe's Literacy Center Ideas
The first website I explored is titled Literacy Center Ideas: Motivating and fun materials to create your centers. This website gives a bunch of ideas for setting up centers in your classroom. The examples include book making, spelling centers, and different fun reading ideas to make literature more fun. I like this website because it has a few other links to other teacher’s literacy centers. I think it is good to see how other teachers set up their classroom and use their centers because we can use their ideas to improve our classrooms. This website has a ton of information and you could literally spend hours looking at of the activities. I definitely recommend this site.
The next website I visited is from This website has some ideas on what to do in different types of centers. For example, in the reading center the teacher has an activity called books and baskets. This is where the students sit in laundry baskets and great from a selection of books. The teacher likes this idea because it gives the students personal space to read in. The teacher also brings pillows and blankets so the students can be comfortable when reading. Apparently it has been a big hit for this teacher during the past five years. I like this center because it is so different. It’s pretty cost efficient and it sounds like the students are having fun.

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