Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reading texts

While pondering the notion of how I read texts, I came across some interesting things that I often do. Throughout my schooling, I have had countless numbers of assigned reading to do. Many of the text books I read were very dry and slightly boring (not all, but some). I somehow taught myself to look at the end of each chapter before I start reading and look at what the questions were asking about the text. I would then go read the chapter as a whole, but make sure I kept my eyes open for the main points and would highlight them.

When I read, I like to picture what is going on in the text. When it's a literature book, I pretty much have a movie playing in my head on what I think is happening. It's hard for me to get a movie picture in my head with text books which may be a reason why I have a harder time consentrating on that kind of homework. I understand the importance of reading and comprehending what is read. I do for the most part comprehend what I read (usually the first time) but sometimes am not sure if I truly understand what the text is saying (usually happened in geometry and physics).

I usually know what's important by thinking about what the chapter is supposed to cover. I look at the title of the chapter and read the intro. By reading the intro, I get a good grasp on what the author is attempting to explain in his writing.

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