Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stacy's Literacy Center Ideas

This website had a bunch of ideas for literacy centers. It gave the title, or what you would call the center and then below it would be a description of what the students would be doing in that specific center. It even had rainbow spelling which we did in class on Monday. It has the name of the literacy center in red, the primary skill being performed in bold black, and the description below in black so its easy to follow when browsing through the website. The next website I looked at gave more visuals of how you can set up your literacy centers. There was a picture of what the literacy board looked like which was kind of like the red, blue, green and yellow pocket thing that you brought into class. I really liked this website because each idea for a literacy center that they gave, they had a picture of what it looked like as well as one with the students interacting with it. It also had the title and an explanation of what should be done during the center. When comparing the two websites, I liked the second one better because it gave me more visuals of what the literacy center should look like. Although the first one gave a lot of ideas, it was less detailed and just boring.  I would reccomend the second website. There are a lot of resources that are given to you on the website so you don't have to go to other places to search for something to use. What you need to produce the literacy center is all given. 
First Website: http://www.canteach.ca/elementary/beginning10.html
Second website : http://hill.troy.k12.mi.us/staff/bnewingham/myweb3/literacy_centers%20Final.htm

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