Tuesday, October 6, 2009

e342wed erin baxter


This clip is really nice because the teacher is helping her students develop skills for reading and writing at the same time.  She has established the routine and students who are not working directly with the teacher know what they should be doing.  Besides the guided reading with the teacher, students do self-selective reading, the listening centre, and writing research.  I think it's important to ask questions about writing craft through reading.  The students in the guided reading group with the teacher had read the book before.  She asked them "What strategies does this writer use to persuade?"  By setting a purpose for reading, the students can go deeper into their thinking about the specific book and what the writer is trying to do.  The students were encouraged to talk with a partner about the purpose for reading to clarify their ideas and then she asked probing questions so the teacher could check for comprehension.  Ongoing formative assessment is an important part of this.  As a group, they came up with strategies that writers use to persuade to connect to prior learning.  Something I think is really neat is the guided reading notepad.  Students are constantly compiling writing examples from their readings and everything about this teacher's method encourages the students to read like writers.  

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