Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Literacy Centers - Danielle Rolley

I used Google to find some good literacy center ideas and found a couple of good resources. The first good resources site I found was Literacy Centers- Literacy Center Ideas and Management Tips. I liked this site because it provided resources and ideas on implementing and managing literacy centers or stations. This site also provides literacy center packets for teachers to print out. On this site I learned exactly what literacy centers are and their purpose which are: to engage students while their teachers work with small reading groups, and to reinforce literacy skills, (vocabulary, reading, phonics, word study and mechanics). Literacy management tips provided by this site are to keep them organized and make sure your students understand the process and procedures that are involved. Center charts are a good idea to keep your literacy centers moving smoothly. This site also provided ideas for other types of centers like vocabulary centers, language arts centers, word work centers, writing centers, poetry centers, computer centers, and listening centers. The only thing I did not like about this site is that it did not discuss ideas for making a literacy center or different types of literacy centers. it only discussed management of literacy centers and the main idea of what they are.

Another resource I found that I found helpful and interesting is a site called Teaching Heart's Learning Centers Page. I liked this site because it is personally made by a teacher. She provides examples of literacy centers that she does in her classroom as well as tips for creating your own. On this site there are pictures centers, links about centers, and printable centers to use in anyone's classroom. This site also provides examples of some books that can be used in a literacy center and an example of a literacy center worksheet. This site is very helpful and very interesting. Everything you want to know or are curious about pertaining to literacy centers and how other teachers run them are on this site. I highly recommend this site to anyone who is curious about literacy center and who want some help creating their own. There wasn't really anything about this site that I didn't like.

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