Friday, October 16, 2009

Molly Paraschak's Reading Importance

I think it is very important for each student to have a strategy that works for them when they are deciding what is important for them to pay close attention to. One strategy that I use is reading through a paragraph and highlighting the main points that jump out to me, this is helpful because then when I look back at the paragraph instead of reading the whole thing I can look at what I have highlighted and remember what the paragraph was about. Another thing that I highlight in paragraphs is any sentence that has definitions in it or any sentences that have statistics or people's names in them. Those type of sentences are always very important and things that need to be highlighted so that you can remember. When I read I do have a conversation with myself when I read each sentence I ask myself if something in that particular sentence could be made into a test/quiz question; if it can then I highlight it. I also ask myself questions about what I just read and if I cannot answer them then I go back and find the answer and highlight the answer. I know what is important in the text when something is in bold faced print or something is repeated a lot in the paragraph. I also know something is important in the text when as I stated earlier statistics or people's names are brought up and then a description of what the person did is behind their name, that implies that you need to remember the person's name or what he/she did. People interrupt texts differently, so there are many strategies that I did not discuss that you could use; but the one that I discussed is the one that works the best for me.

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  1. I can absolutely agree on the highlighting and asking questions, it seems to be the most helpful way to remember and comprehend important things we read. Great insight into your strategy!