Monday, October 5, 2009

Jess's Guided Reading Video

I chose a YouTube video titled Guided Reading. I found this video interesting because it showcased the basic summary of a guided reading lesson. I also chose this video because it was posted very recently. A lot of the guided reading we are exposed to in class is outdated, and I was interested to see if any differences were evident between an older and more new example of guided reading.
One main idea I liked in this video was the idea of keeping a "running record". A running record is a list of 2-3 teaching points that the teacher notices and jots down while working one on one with a child, or observing pair reading, or small group meeting. The teacher then uses these notes to zero in on activities that they want to work with that particular student in a guided reading lesson. I personally have never heard of a running record but can see how it can be very helpful. Each student in the class can have their own private running record that the student keeps. This will allow the teacher to keep track on what the student is working on and the progress that they have made, which is really important when constructed any lesson, even a guided reading.
Other things I found important from this video was that the teacher provided an oppurtunity for students to get up and move around in the middle of the guided reading. She had the student use magnetic letters for a lesson. Different activities will keep the students more engaged and excited about guided reading. Another thing that she stressed in this video was the importance of a written activity to connect to the reading. I noticed she didnt just have the student write but prepared sentence strips that the student made and had her rebuild the sentences once they were cut apart. Overall this video was short but informative and really highlighted some important things all teachers should introduce through guided reading.


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