Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hannah Troxal Literacy Centers

The site I found was really interesting. It has 22 literacy centers or stations. Each one includes about five or six activities that relate to spelling, reading, writing words and sentences, and then also a few activities that relate to art, math and other subjects. Examples that were included in the stations were listening to books on tape, writing a sentence about a classmate, using sing-language letters or magnets to spell someone’s name. The site also includes strategies that help students read and write more proficiently. I liked this website because the literacy strategies seemed very useful, however, I did think the author could go more in depth about each one and how it would be useful for students in which grade level.
Another site I found had many resources to use for centers. The author of the site said she taught them in 2nd grade but may also be useful for 1st or 3rd grades. One particular idea I found rather interesting was for changing the onset or rime of the word. The teacher had the rime on a big picture of a pencil and then the first letter (or first few letters) on a picture of an eraser. The students would rearrange the erasers with different pencils to show that when they change or erase the first letter(s) they are still able to make new words. This activity was called CVC Eraser Words.
Another activity I liked on the site was called Glue Words. Glue words are compound words that “glue” the sentences together. The students should make sentences and use their glue words to combine them. I thought this was a creative way to help students understand what the word compound actually means by using a picture and a word (glue) they are already familiar with. I also really liked this website because it enables you to download the actual pictures or copies the teacher used to teach her class and shows pictures of how the students were working with them. This site had many more ideas that used pictures to help the students understand what they were actually doing! I thought it was very resourceful for future teaching.

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