Friday, October 9, 2009

Trisha Bingham's Literacy Center Ideas Review

While looking for Literacy Center ideas on the internet, I stumbled upon this website. It has many different literacy center ideas and topics that are linked to the website. If anyone needs ideas, I highly suggest the "A to Z Teacher Stuff" website. They also have an entire book of literacy center ideas for sale on the site.
The first site I found with specific learning centers described was the "Hubbards's Cupboard" website. On here they had a literacy center called "ABC Memory." In this center, students would be given two full sets of cards with a letter on it, uppercase and lowercase. Then the student would place all of the face-down on the table in a random order. Students would then take turns looking for matching letter cards while learning what sounds are associated with that specific letter. I really like this learning center because it is engaging. Children love to play more than they would like to be instructed. So this taps into their interests and also teaches them the letter sounds that they will definitely need to know.
The second literacy center I found was on the actual "A to Z Teacher Stuff" website. This portion directly described alphabet learning centers. One center was called "Matching Objects to Letters." In this center, the teacher would create an index card for each letter of the alphabet. Each card would have a corresponding object, like an apple for the letter "a." Then the students would take turns matching the index cards to the correct objects. I think that this is a good strategy because it relates letters to things that the students would understand. However, cultura backgrounds may put up a challenge considering that some students may call a banana a plantain or other varying titles.
Overall, I found that these websites were very helpful. I know see what a literacy center is and how it works.

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