Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guided Reading Clip-Courtney S.

The video clip I chose has a teacher answering questions about her guided reading process and illustrates what the classroom looks like during such a time. I chose this clip because I liked its organization. It was easy for me to follow because it showed the questions when they were asked, and the teacher stayed on topic for each question. Also, it was very specific. The teacher did a good job explaining how she does guided reading and provided examples of how she goes through the process. I liked how she said she changes the groups often, and has them made up by colors, but that when she calls the students over for guided reading she doesn’t call them by group name, but calls their names. I thought this was a small but important detail because some students may get upset about being in a certain group, or if a student stays in the same color for an extended period of time he/she may be embarrassed if the teacher calls them up by color. This way, students don’t pay attention to what groups they are in and learn in a comfortable environment. I also liked how she made all her students “book bags” which are Ziploc bags the students can put books they are reading or notes that the teacher gives them during guided reading time.
I also liked how the clip discusses the centers as well. The teacher explained how she keeps the other students occupied and on task while she is doing guided reading. She talks about how she taught the students what to do at each center for the first 8 weeks of class. I like how the students don’t rotate at the centers too. Rotating could lead to confusion, or disruption with the students. If they are at one center, they can choose from several different activities and then they are on task the whole time.
I would say that the clip doesn’t supplement the reading but that it does help clarify and it is helpful to hear a teacher’s perspective about guided reading. Listening to how a teacher implements the program shows us examples of how we can do it in our classrooms.
The link to the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txC-Qo_8GiU

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  1. I agree that it's helpful to keep the kids at one station for a daily guided reading workshop. They become comfortable with each station and focused on the activities, rather than being antsy and wanting to move on before anything really gets accomplished.