Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kristen W's Guided Reading Guided Youtube Clip and Reaction

This video clip was short however it showed many parts to a guided reading lesson. This clip put up the label of the specific component while the teacher or the students were doing it. First, the clip showed the teacher “setting the purpose for reading.” The teacher explains what book they are reading and asks the students to think about the author’s intent when she wrote the book. Then the teacher tells them to start reading allowed and “assesses the fluency.” The teacher listens to each student in the small group reading out loud. When they are done reading the teacher allows “talk to clarify ideas” by having them talk to a partner about the author’s intent which she asked in the beginning for them to think about while reading. The clip labels this part with “on-going assessment” which shows that the teacher is constantly listening to each students’ ideas and talk with their partner. Then the teacher “checks for comprehension” by asking various “probing questions” pertaining to the book and the author’s intent which allows the students to explain their thinking. In this clip the teacher also focuses on the writer’s strategies or “highlights writer’s craft.” I think this is great, because the video we watched in class focused on the main points of the book, reading skills, and the overall comprehension of the book and not writing strategies as well that would assist in their writing skills. Pointing out these skills also helps the students “connect to prior learning.” The teacher reinforces these strategies by having the students write down examples for each strategy they see. This also allowed the students to connect reading and writing. This clip also showed what other students were doing at other centers during this time which was helpful for me as I’m learning to be a teacher because it shows exactly what method and classroom set-up I could use.
This clip was only part 1 of a guided reading session. I looked at part 2 which was the teacher explaining her reasoning for what she did. For instance, she explained her reason for having “flexible grouping” which I felt was important to point out. She also discussed that “routines are established” so the students know what is expected of them in this center. This clip was very helpful and enhanced the steps we learned about in class. I think that this example was a similar if not the same system and components that we have learned about and was a great way to show each and explain when each was happening.

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