Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jess' Reading Text

When I look back and think about what strategies I use when I read I find it important to think about the kind of text I am reading. The kind of text matters about how I go about reading beacause each type of text produces different ways of thinking in my mind. Specifically in all instances of reading I usually look through the book and see what each chapter contains or section. By doing this with informational texts and articles you are able to get an idea of where the text is heading toward. This is useful for me because as I read I already know the overall purpose I am suppose to get out of reading. By knowing the purpose I find it easier to locate key phrases and words that may be imporant for after reading. In regards to non-fiction texts I usually do not look through the chapters, because sometimes the chapter titles give away information, which is exactly opposite from fiction texts. However I think the most enjoying thing about reading non-fiction texts is that the internal thinking in my mind always concerns what might happen next, or I bet this happens, or I wonder if that is important to know for the future. In comparison to how I read fiction text my internal thinking usually revolves around what information I need to come back to or remember. Reading a non-fiction text is more like watching a movie you want to know what comes next or what might be important because your anxious to know what will be next. But in fiction text the internal thinking is usually for me only about how I can remember what I have already read.
The important information in both instances is usally apparent while reading. Its either in bold or talked about in detail. I find it easy to pick point important information from a chapter but sometimes i have to read it a few times in order to remember it or get a firm grasp on the idea.

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