Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jennifer Wolff Literacy Center Ideas


This website I found was very helpful. It is basically a very long list of different activities teachers can use to as centers in the classroom. The website has the activity in red, then below it has the primary skill the students will be using throughout the activity.

For instance: "Fill in the missing letters/words" Then below it, it says the primary skill the student will be using is writing. The website then furthers its description by stating "write out a poem or a message on the board or on photocopied paper, leave out some parts, and allow the students to fill in the missing sections"

With each activity given, there is a short description underneath the title activity. The interesting part of this website is that it reflects mainly on reading, writing, and typing skills. Therefore, this website would be best for Language Arts Centers. It is very beneficial for a teacher looking for ideas for reading/writing; however, it will not benefit teachers looking for centers for any other activities. I found a lot of these activities given very engaging and fun for the students as well as teacher. They are not the same activity each student is used to for class. Some are unique games that some students may have never heard of. For instance, one unique activity is called the "tongue twister". In this activity the students will "have photocopies of a variety of tongue twisters and have students practice reading them. Share the twister with other students or the teacher." This can be viewed as a game to the students where they can have a lot of fun with the twisters. I believe a very important trait to have in the classroom is knowing how to engage the classroom and create a fun environment. I think this website does a great job with this.

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