Monday, October 12, 2009

Kate Neal's Literacy Center Ideas

The first website I looked at was one that listed several ideas for literacy centers. For example, personal journals (where the child can write about what ever he or she wants to), the books I have read journal (consists of a list of books the child has read as well as his or her thoughts/pictures of the reading), fill in the missing letters and/or words of a passage, what will the ending be (where the child guesses what the end of the word will be with the information provided), computer publishing (writing a story on the computer), drawing a scene and writing a passage to go along with the picture, and make a silly sentence (randomly grab words out of a bag and form a sentence). The silly sentence does not have to make sense. All of the stations deal with literacy and have their own way of incorporating literacy. This website was called CanTeach: Literacy Centre Ideas and here is the link:
The second website I was interested in was posted by a Mrs. Mcdowell (teacher). She shares the importance of literacy and literacy centers and how they play a big role in students be able to gain independence in grammar, spelling, reading, writing, etc. Mrs. Mcdowell has literacy boxes set up in her classroom which are tubs of goodies that the children use during literacy time. Some of the literacy centers she has are sticker story (the student grabs 4 stickers from the tub and write a 3 to 5 sentence story that coordinates with their sticker story), clap a word (the students pick a word from a tub and clap the syllables aloud), treasure chest (the tub has up to 5 different items in it and the child is suppose to write the word of the item and then write a sentence containing all of the words of the 5 items), lace a word (letter beads are places on pipe cleaners to create words and sentences), letter center (the area has neat pens and paper for the child to write a letter to family or friends or even their thoughts and feelings), spelling box (this activity has the weekly spelling words the children are suppose to learn and gives the children time in class to study and grasp the words they will be tested on), etc.
Both of these sites will be a great resource for when I get my own classroom.

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