Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rachel's Literacy Center Search

The first website I went to (, I got some creative ideas on what kind of activities I could do in a literacy center and how the center could be set up. This teacher had a big “beehive” set up in the corner of her room. Students could take turns reading in beehive. She also had comfy chairs set up too where the kids could sit as well. I thought the beehive was a creative way for kids to have a comfortable place to read in the classroom. Also included on the website were creative literacy activities she would have in labeled boxes on shelves in the center as well. This website was more informative on activities you might include in the center rather than how you might set one up.

Another website I visited was ( I thought this website also had a lot of creative ideas for literacy activities in a literacy center. She even included worksheets that she used so other people could print them out if they wanted to. Most of her activities were geared towards older elementary (3rd or 4th). It was interesting to see examples of activities you could include in an older elementary literacy center.

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