Sunday, October 11, 2009

Meredith Monserez's Literacy Centers Review

The first useful site I discovered while searching for Literacy Center Ideas is called "Literacy Centers/Literacy Stations: Learning center ideas, resources, and printables!" I found this website to be extremely thorough in regards to outlining how a literacy center should be managed and organized. It also provided many detailed ideas and examples of assignments that could be used in each literacy station. It also provided many printable handouts and center signs that can be used for each literacy station as well as links to books that the author of the site found more useful for literacy centers.
The different center ideas that were offered on this site included an Independent Reading Center, a Word Work Center, a Writing Center, a Listening Center, a Poetry Center, a Vocabulary Center, a Computer Center, a Language Center, and a Literature Circles Center. Not only does this site provide all of these center examples, but it also provides many different assignment and activity ideas to do within each center. Some of these assignments have corresponding handouts that can be printed directly from the website.
This site also provided suggestions for how to manage Literacy Centers. This is to not only keep everything organized, but also help the children know which centers to go to. One example of a management system was based on using index cards and cut outs. When the students would rotate to each center, all the teacher has to do it move the white index card with the child's name on it to the next center they are to go to. It was also recommended that each child have a folder that is designated for each Literacy Center. This will help keep them organized.
The link to this website is,
Another useful page that I found while searching for Literacy Center ideas came from the site titled "Ms. Powell's Management Ideas for Teachers." Within this site, there is a page titled, "Literacy Center Ideas: Motivating and fun materials to create for your centers." This page provides an extremely large amount of examples of different literacy centers that can be used. One example of a center that is suggested it a "Rainbow Spelling Center", in which the teacher posts the weeks spelling words and the children write them all three times each with colored pencils or colored markers. Others included were a "Listening Center", a "Stamp a Word or Story Center", a "Bookmaking Center" and a "Journal Writing Center." This page also provided many printable handouts to use during these centers. The link to this webpage is, .

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