Monday, October 12, 2009

Alex Lew

The website contains several links to other sites that have ideas about literacy centers. Some of these links however did not seem very substantial. One of the links on this site that did seem to be informative was A to Z teacher stuff, This link then has numerous ideas on different lesson plans for implementing centers. For example, alphabet learning centers.
Another great link I found was, This site listed several literacy center ideas, however it did not explain how to implement the centers. There was a short video explaining briefly literacy centers as well as giving a few examples. There was a place on this website that teachers could post ideas and comments. This is helpful because it allows for constant updates on new ideas and gives the reader even more useful ideas for their classroom. The main site that this page is linked to is Although the entire site does not deal specifically with literacy centers or even just centers there are many resources located here that seem to be very helpful, such as ideas on lesson plans and the teacher’s favorite materials they use in the classroom.
Most of the websites I have come across while doing a search have been written by teachers. This is helpful because they give “real-life” advice on what works and what does not work when implementing their center ideas. It was neat to see how many different ideas there are for literacy centers and how they can be used within the classroom. Another thing I noticed about the sites is that most of the centers were recommended for younger grades. There are a lot of resources available online about literacy centers; it just takes some time to find the ones that are really helpful.

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  1. I like how you looked at more than one link. This gives us a lot more link to find ideas for literacy center ideas. I just focused on one link.