Monday, October 12, 2009

Literacy Centers (Jayne Royal)

First Literacy Center URL:

Although this page was really corny I really liked the organizational layout. This website gave a number of different “centers” to have throughout the class to promote literacy. These centers included everything from a independent reading center to a poetry center. What I liked most about this website was that it seemed to cater to a lot of different students with different interests. If a student was really into a book they started reading at home we allowed time throughout the day to work on that. If a student was interested in poetry then they had the ability to foster that interest.

Second Literacy Center URL:

This website was made a teacher in a young classroom. One thing that really struck me about this website was that the literacy centers that were chosen for the class really emphasized independence. Although the students were very young once the center was modeled for them they could most likely do it on their own. For example there is one center called the syllable clapping game. At this station the students put on their “clapping gloves” and clap out the number of syllables on the card in front of them. The students then turn the card over to see if they were correct or not. This allows the students to work independently or with partners to figure out how many syllables.

Third Literacy Center URL:

What I liked most about this website was that it emphasized that literacy could be taught across subject lines. For example one of the stations is called “Heidi Songs Center.” In this center the students sing in order to indentify sight words. In another station called the Science Center the students use their literacy to build upon their science skills. I think that these days subjects like Music and Science do not get the time the deserve for whatever reason and by incorporating them into Language Arts you are building upon the students knowledge of literacy as well as a range of other topics.


  1. I also looked at your first website ( I agree that the different categories of literacy centers were great! I thought that it made it easy to browse through and find something that works for your students, but I also like your idea of how it can foster different students interests and abilities.

  2. I loved the third website that you have posted. That is the first one that I looked at and it had so many good resources on it. I am going to check out the first website you have posted because it seems interesting, besides the corny part.