Sunday, October 18, 2009

Michelle Ezrachie

As I reflect on my reading of texts I noticed that I have a specific style and approach to readings. I first decide what is important about this reading. This process takes a while because reading is not my specialty. As much as I love to read, it has never come easy to me. I have always needed to develop a certain style to help me concentrate and absorb the information before me. Sometimes when I read I have to ask myself questions, highlight, and summarize. Understanding what is important in the reading is also a big part everyone should master. My method includes different steps to pick out what is important. When I read texts for my classes, I first read through the text page by page. Under every section if I notice it has been repeated, bolded, or italicized, I will highlight it. In addition, I will highlight the information if it gives examples, definitions, or generalizes what has happened. Lastly, while reading texts anything I think would be included in a summery is something I would highlight and make a note of. The ideas highlighted are the important concepts of the text.
In addition to highlighting, I determine what is important. It is important to continue my thought process. As I read to myself, I think about what is theme about in the reading. I ask myself why I would need to know this concept or big idea. What is the main point in the reading? What examples could I use when teaching? What information do I already know? What information is new? If it is new information, I ask myself in what way would I be able to remember it? I also will read a full page. I ask myself what happened. If I am unable to remember and I notice that I have not understood anything, I will reread the page. The second time I read, I break each paragraph down. This way I am able to zone into the information. I take the sentence, and if it is complicated to understand, I rephrase it in order to remember it. I continue through the process highlighting and rephrasing. When I get to the end of the page and I feel comfortable with the concepts, I will then continue with my reading. If I am still a little uncomfortable I will go back and only read the highlighted sections. This way I have time to develop the important information while making sure I understand the key ideas. These methods summarize how long it takes me to scope out what is important, read, and remember key concepts. Without practicing these strategies I would not comprehend and have difficulties with participating in homework assignments.It is important for me to feel confident in all class discussions.

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