Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sarah Spitz's Literacy Center

A great site about literacy centers that I came across is simply called “Literacy Centers.” The site features different literacy centers in a classroom that help students enhance their language skills. I really like this webpage because it provides many different activities you can do with students regarding a literacy center in your classroom. The website also shows pictures of the activities it is describing. This is a good site regarding literacy center ideas because it has a large variety of activities such as spelling, a listening center, and buddy reading.

Another website, called “Teaching Heart’s Learning Center Page” is a good tool to use to get literacy center ideas. This website gives ideas that teachers can use with their students in literacy centers. The website explains how to do all of the activities as well. One neat feature of the website is that it gives books that teachers recommend to use. Each book has a link of where you can purchase it. The website also provides examples of the worksheets used in the literacy center for other teachers to use. I feel like this website is very useful because it provides teachers with books, activities, and worksheets to use with their students.

One last website that I think is really useful in helping teachers plan and implement literacy circles in their classroom is also called “Literacy Centers.” This website, like the others, shows pictures of the activities used during the different stations. The website also provides descriptions of how to do the different activities. I like this website also because I think the ideas it features are very good, such as Book Looks. This activity allows students to look at books they are familiar with as well as books they have not seen before.

I like all of these literacy center websites because they all give teachers good ideas and activities to use in their classrooms.

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