Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kristen W's resources on Literacy Centers

The first resource I found that includes helpful ideas for Literacy Centers referred to them as “ABC Centers” instead. This website makes explicit that all of these activities are looked forward to by the students because they view them as games rather than school work. These centers provide opportunities to strengthen the students’ skills such as their phonemic awareness, listening skills, oral language expression, rhyming, and reading skills. This website lists various types of centers that can be included like Fun Fonts which gives various fonts and letters to sort through similar characteristics, Letter Search which involves activities within it such as finding the letters for their name, Book Baskets which are baskets containing various types of books for various levels of readers, and Stamp a Story which includes alphabet stamps and making words that match pictures or more advanced and stamping a sentence or story. For each of these activities the website provides steps on how to organize these various centers into your classroom, pictures of each activity’s materials, and exact directions to help utilize them. Many of these activities seem to be for young grades, but could provide an outline of an activity that could be enhanced to a higher level. This resource suggests a group of students visiting a different center each day of the week and has a board that they check at the beginning of the day to see which center they will be at that day. This site is also great because it gives book resources for helpful center ideas and provides you with additional websites for Literacy Center ideas which led me to my next resource! :)
The next great resource for ideas on Literacy Centers was My previous resource led me to this website on the page specifically for literacy centers for Kindergarten. This page had great activity ideas and directions on how to implement them into your classroom. A few activities given are Letter Sort using alphabet tiles, Name Game which involves the class’ own names and sorting them into different groups, and Felt Board which uses words and pictures for the students to explore and form a story or sentences. This website is also great, however, because it not only helps with Kindergarten, but all grade levels with great reading and writing ideas other than literacy centers. This website is a great source for teachers for forming any lesson plan or activity.
These websites really helped me to understand Literacy Centers and exciting activities that I can use myself. It was amazing to see how much information and help that I received from two websites. I realize the importance of search engines as well as fellow experienced teachers willing to help around the world.

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