Sunday, October 4, 2009

Joe Kartholl's guided reading

Guided reading video:

I chose this video from YouTube because I wanted to see guided reading in action. This is a pretty short video, but it shows how the teacher and students react in guided reading instruction. I have gathered from the video and from our readings that guided reading is a great tool to use in the classroom because it can show the teacher exactly where the students are in their learning. Whether a student is struggling or excelling, guided reading gives the teacher a clear understanding where the student's progress is in reading. From my understanding there are three stages in guided reading. The first stage takes place before the reading. This is when the reader makes predictions, vocabulary is introduced, and questions are asked as to what strategies the reader will use when reading. The next stage takes place during the reading. This is when the teacher helps guide the reader. The teacher may help out with a word, or ask things like "does that make sense?" The final stage occurs after the reading is done. Now the teacher can ask questions to strengthen comprehension skills.
I really like the idea of guided reading. I think it is extremely beneficial to the student and the teacher. I wonder how much the books cost for guided reading. If you are on a tight budget how can you still provide books for guided reading? I think this is a very important idea and hopefully I can have guided reading in my classroom.

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