Monday, October 5, 2009

Kristen's Guided reading youtube

I chose a video that looked like it was going to take about what Guided reading was and how it was implemented in the classroom. It was a short video but it was very informative for the length of it. This video didn't have anyone talking it, it was very simple. It just had some music and some words on the screen that explained what she did in her classroom and how she set it up. There where some Pictures of her classroom and what she uses to help her organize the books for the classroom readings.
This video clip was informative on multiple layers she was descriptive in her writings on explain what she does with her classroom. Although this video is shorter than most videos it was very helpful and insightful to why she is a believer in the Guided Reading method. She also explains that it is important to take in individual reading levels and to make sure that students can move from one level to the next very easily.
I enjoyed this video and think that it can be helpful to others.

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