Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rachel's guided reading video

In the video clip I watched on guided reading a 1st grade teacher was going through FAQ’s about guided reading. The clip was very informative and showed clips of children actually doing guided reading strategies that she suggested. One thing that I really liked about this video was that the teacher answered all the questions I had about how to enforce good classroom management while working in guided reading groups. She also gave me good ideas on how to organize the books in the classroom. One thing she does for her kids is label ‘book bags’ for them, which has books on their level in them. They are able to pick one book from that bag each night and take it home with them to practice reading. She also includes extra materials to help them like flash cards with key words on them and stuff like that. It was really interesting to hear someone else talk about how they run guided reading in their classroom. One of the things that she did talk about in the clip that went along with what the Saunders-Smith article addressed was how to keep track of student’s progress in the groups. The teacher in the video kept a clipboard nearby with the lesson plan so she could make notes on it though out the lesson. She said that this helped her to keep an archive of each student’s progress so she could make adjustments accordingly. The article stresses the importance of this as well. Overall I thought this article answered a lot of questions one might have about the big picture of guided reading. The one thing that I wish they would have gone more detail in was the actual set up of a guided reading lesson.

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