Monday, October 5, 2009

C. Caron Guided Reading

I chose the YouTube video, Modeling Guided Reading FAQ, simply, because I had numerous questions myself. This video featured a first grade teacher, Candice Bookman, who responded to everyday questions regarding guided reading such as why it is important for teachers to do guided reading, how often and how long it should be done, what it incorporates, and how students are grouped in guided reading. I thought this video was informative, providing examples of what guided reading actually is and how it is carried out.

I liked watching the video and feel that I learned more through watching it than when I read the Saunders-Smith article merely because Bookman described similar notions as the article, yet, surpassed the examples and explanations because I could actually see guided reading occurring and children benefiting from each aspect of the instruction. I feel that Bookman provided more concrete answers that I could comprehend and was more meaningful to me when considering my own classroom than the article. She answered questions directed towards teachers such as how to group students, how to know what to do in guided reading, how a teacher can both manage behavior and guided reading in centers at the same time, and organizational advice.

The only problematic aspect I found in the video was a disagreement between the Saunders-Smith article and Candice Bookman’s standpoints regarding how often students and which students receive guided instruction. The Saunders-Smith article explains that all students are to receive guided instruction and Bookman describes the idea that struggling readers need more intensive and frequent guided reading instruction. I agree with the Saunders-Smith article with respect to the IDEA’s provisions regarding equity in classrooms. Guided reading was illustrated as a positive aspect for all children to receive, not only struggling students. Thus, for all students to reach higher levels in comprehension, all students must receive equal opportunities with an educator who uses guided reading.

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