Monday, October 5, 2009

Guided Reading-Lauren Flaspohler

The guided reading lesson that I watched on You Tube was from a first grade class. They had already read the story three times. At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher reviewed what a good reader does. One student mentions that a good reader visualizes what they read. All students are then given a buzzer. Then she asked questions to see about the story that they read. They were encouraged to listen to the question and all of the answers before buzzing in. This way they wouldn’t just press the buzzer and guess. They actually had to pay attention. Once a student buzzed in with the answer they thought, the teacher asked if the students agreed or disagreed. When everyone had given their opinion she told them the correct answer. She even referenced the pages in the story a couple times.
Although this was not a video of the entire guided reading lesson, it still supplemented what we had watched in class last Wednesday. It helped to see the way a teacher would incorporate something fun into guided reading. The video in class looked like it would get boring after a while. It was nice to see something else that could be done in guided reading. The main focus is to get students to understand what they read. This video was a way to see if children are getting the main ideas of the stories they read. She had taught them the “picturing” strategy for reading. However, I didn’t feel like every student was engaged. Even from the beginning, they are all playing with the buzzers and looking around the room. One student was almost always the first to buzz in and another didn’t buzz in at all. I think this is a good idea, but I’d definitely modify it so that all students are engaged.

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