Friday, October 2, 2009

Jennifer Shearer Guided Reading

The first thing they do in my guided reading video is discuss the title. They discuss what they think about the title based on their previous experiences with the words that are in the title. In my example the story is about a young girl and the beach. So they go through and talk about different things or experiences they have had at the beach. They also discuss what she might do after thinking about what they have done at the beach.
In the first step of this guided reading he has the students read the first paragraph silently to themselves. Each student is using a "cover card" which I am assuming is to help them read and to keep their place. (It covers up the lines below the line they are reading.) After they get done reading they are to discuss "what does that mean..." they are to discuss what they comprehended in the paragraph and what it means to them. They then discuss it as a group.
We have definitely worked in class on going over the story, what we may expect, and relating it to ourselves and our own lives before reading it. This guided reading is more advanced, I think, then the ones that we have reviewed in class. It is for older children but I do think it is an effective way to do a guided reading.
I really liked how it goes back and it asks you "what does that mean to me..." I think that really gives the students a chance to apply it to themselves and hopefully create schema for it so they can remember the point of the story better. I think this teaches great comprehension skills.

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