Friday, October 2, 2009

Molly Paraschak's Guided Reading

I picked this youtube video because I want to teach in an Elementary classroom and this video showed how Guided Reading was taught in an Elementary classroom. I really enjoyed this video, because Kelly who made the video described how you would start a guided reading lesson all the way through to the last thing that you would do teaching the lesson. I also liked the video because instead of showing everything that she was talking about, the video only showed you the key things that you needed to look at like, the different bins with the children's names on them and the books that they read and what days that they meet. I also liked the fact that she was open to share the different types of readers that she has in her class and how she works with all of them. I like how passionate she is about guided reading and how she states the importance of having guided reading in your classroom. I like how she explains step by step how she teaches the children how to read and does not get frustrated with them. This clip does supplement what we read in class, because she has the books divided up in the different bins by the students' reading abilities and we did that the other day in class when we had the different levels of reading books. Also, in this clip she does a picture walk and we did that one day in class when we watched Swimmy we drew illustrations to show the main ideas of the book. She also very briefly touches on the use of phonemes and the importance of them. Other strategies that were discussed in this clip are writing in shaving cream and playing a beginning sounds review game with the children.She also has a centers rotation board in her classroom that she uses for the students. I enjoyed this video clip and soms of the things in the video were review, but some things were new and good strategies that I can use in my classroom.

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