Thursday, October 1, 2009

Natalie DiSalvo! Guided Reading

After going to youtube and searching for a video clip to watch about guided reading, there were tons of options of videos to choose from. I chose to watch the video called “Guided Reading in elementary Classrooms”. I chose this video because I wanted a video that would overall recap what guided reading consists of and to try to get the general concept more clear for me. This video started off with statements about guided reading and why it should be used in a classroom. It mentioned how guided reading can be the most important part of the students’ day, if done correctly, since it allows the teacher to see what students understand, what areas students seem to be struggling with/on, and what students can do consistently in reading. The video covered the different levels in her classroom in that year- non-readers, pre-readers, and readers. The teacher mentioned how the overall plan is the same for all of the students. In the guided reading video, it also showed how to organize the books and how they are set up in the classroom (in bins separated by level). The teacher mentioned things to go over from the beginning to the end. The first thing she mentioned was allowing time for the children to flip through the book and look at the pictures. This enables the children to have a better idea of the story/book and prepare for the reading. The video mentions how each student needs to read at their own pace; otherwise some children might be rushed or even slowed down. The students should read aloud and the teacher should go around and listen to see how students are doing and try to notice what types of strategies they are using. This will give the teacher a better idea of what strategies that he/she will need to discuss next. After the reading, the teacher has the option of going over sounds of words (beginning of word or end of word) along with sight words. The video mentioned various games to incorporate the activities, such as writing in shaving cream. After the practices are completed, the teacher should have the students reread the story before going back to another station. Make sure to be excited and happy to read to get the students engaged as well as excited. Overall, the video was very informative and did what I was hoping it would do for me-recap what was gone over in class. I think that the video reflected a lot of what we have learned thus far in class. There were not any additional strategies within the video except various ways to go about the after reading section-shaving cream, games, flash cards. I would recommend watching the video to anyone as a way to review the topic.

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  1. I think your youtube video sounds very similar to what we have gone over in class and I really like how the teacher makes certain that everyone reads at their own pace.